Smart Fill Electrical Box Spacers 5-Pack

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Smart Fill Spacers fill in the gap between the current working electrical box and the newly created wall or tiled surface, for a perfectly flush outlet every time. Plus, unlike larger box extenders, the Smart Fill Spacers can be stacked and combined to exactly the right thickness for a clean, professional result.

Available for single or double gang in standard 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch sizes.

Keep your outlets flush without fuss!

A new tile accent on a wall can make any room look great, but it also creates gaps between the outlet and the covers that can quickly ruin a remodel. In fact, electrical outlets can become misaligned and sunken whenever something gets added to the existing sheetrock or wall. Just using longer screws or bending tabs to make up the difference can leave the outlet wobbly and unstable.

Smart Fill Spacers create a solid surface for securing an outlet or switch when the electrical box is recessed.